Introducing the writer in me.

My name’s Bec, I am a 30 year old, stay at home Mum of 4 kidlets aged 4-12. I live in rural South Australia with hubby, my kids and our three cats who despite their best efforts, don’t always assist me with my work.

I started writing Easter weekend of 2015, after applying for a writing course to focus on becoming a freelance editor. After trialing both editing and writing I realised I had a passion for the written word. Something that despite being an avid dreamer and reader I never knew.

Since then I have completed 6 novels, and have another one in the works. And numerous plots and outlines waiting to be brought to life. You can find more about my completed stories below.

Battle for Terra


I also write and manage a fan fiction blog on Tumblr, 5 Minute Fan Fiction.

I have a strong passion for scifi/fantasy based young adult stories, that can be enjoyed not only by tweens and up, but is something that parent’s can read along side their kids and use it as a way to increase conversation and family bonding.

I try to include action, adventure, humour and a side of romance, so that my stories cover a wide genre.

I have a strict no smut policy. I do not write any scenes that should only be read by adults. If it is something that I feel needs to be in the story, it is implied but not described. Nothing in any of my work covers or describes anything I would not be happy with my own children reading.

This blog is to record my journey to what I hope is one day a published author and as a way to help inspire and assist other your writers along their own journey. I hope to offer easy to understand, clear, printable tips, tricks and need to knows, competition details and support for those who are like me, still starting out in a career that is hard to break into.

I am by no means an expert and am still learning. I will stare at a sentence for an hour wondering if that should contain a comma or not. I will always find some kind of grammar mistake, because well I know what it should say and tend to over look things.

Feel free to contact me, chat or follow my journey. I am happy to share it with you.
You can find more ways to get in touch in my contact page, under the about me.





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