Reason #1 for why I shouldn’t reduce my coffee intake…


I have been trying to reduce my caffeine intake, something about me previously having an unhealthy amount. Is there such thing with a writer or artist? I figured direct IV into the system was the appropriate way to drink the stuff. As a result I’m now down to three a day and about to increase it again.

I sat down ready to carry on with my latest novel, the next book in my Battle for Terra series. I went to bed last night knowing I was up to a rather spectacular action scene. That involved some rather impressive work using a Persician battle axe and blade (culture from my book series) only to realise I am actually sitting about 20k words before that.

That’s right, I plotted the book out in my head, watched as it played itself out in my mind as my Main Character kicked some serious butt. And didn’t write a word down.

I did however, write up a fanfiction on the spot last night, that has successfully made my followers cry. So last night wasn’t a complete waste of time or loss. You can read The First and Last Time on my tumblr blog (Links attached to the title).

So now I need to caffeinate and get writing before all the good stuff leaves my imagination.



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