You know you’re a writer when…


Source: created by Writer’s Write

This is so me right now. I am two thirds of the way through what I am expecting to be the final novel in my Battle for Terra series, and the second book in the small spin off series Battle for Terra: A New Generation. And I still have Binary to edit and add in a detail or two.

However… I came up with a new story a couple of months ago, based on two lines of speech that popped into my mind while I waiting for dinner to cook. Those two lines have spiraled into a what is looking to be a pretty good book. Problem is that other scenes for it are now going through my mind, and it’s not helping me finish my current novel. And I am too scared to write it down because, well, I won’t stop.

Do you know what makes it even worse. It’s got nothing to do with the three other stories I have waiting for me to write.

Welcome to the world of writing…



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