Weekend Writing Prompt

writing prompt

It’s Friday! And in my house right now, it’s such a good thing. We’ve had a week worth of illness and just general on the go, non stop life. I am looking forward to relaxing and sleeping in past 5:30am tomorrow morning. Plus I have book reviews to write.

This weekends writing prompt is…

Never before has something so flawed looked so perfect…

My first thoughts went straight to a guy and a girl in a coffee shop. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realised for me right now, that is not what this prompt was.

It’s a person, walking into a dark, damp, dusty room. Pushing open that old heavy, solid wood door and turning on the light switch, watching as the old wiring causes the light bulb to flicker slightly.

There my character comes face to face with a sight they never expected, floor to ceiling of old books, covered in dust and long forgotten. The pages off white and dog eared, the spines well used, the covers old leather and falling apart.

None of these books are new. This whole room is a chamber of love and adventure that has long since been forgotten.

But to my character it doesn’t matter, for the room they have just stepped into is their own personal heaven. A place for which the magic of written word will bring both the room, the stories and my character back to life.

What about you? What do you picture when you see those words? Where is your story heading?

I’d love you hear from you. Feel free to contact me and let me know in the comments below or over at one of my other sites.





Email: bechombsch@dodo.com.au

Enjoy your weekend,



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