Busy, Busy, Busy

I am so sorry for not posting. Busy is an understatement. My family has had SAPSASA (an inter-school sports competition), birthday’s, work, training courses, volunteer work, sport and study.

I will be updating the blog this week, so look out for that. I will be giving you a run down on my new novel, Compliant. I wrote it for a TAFE assignment, long story short. I was only meant to do a couple of chapters and got carried away… I have a first draft, and an idea for a second.

I was also working on a supernatural fantasy book, when the most amazing idea came to me. So I put that aside and am now working on a medieval fantasy novel!

This new piece is taking me forever to write. By that, I mean it’s flowing slower than anything else I have written. I have scenes in my head but I am not up to those parts and I am struggling with connecting the dots so to speak.

My new piece is rather interesting, every time I hear the song Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (there’s a link to the youtube clip attached to it) I picture my two main characters. It fits them perfectly. Well, their lives as the story progresses.

I can vividly picture them in this scene in my head. The song just doesn’t suit the genre/theme of the book, cars and knights and maidens don’t blend well, but it suits the story. So we just won’t mention the car part.

The joys of writing. It doesn’t always make sense.

Also coming up in the next two weeks:

Review for Lynette Noni’s Raelia, (you can read my review for her first book Akarnae HERE)

Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instrument Series

A post on doing research for your work.



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