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Please note, the Synopsis below is from the back cover of the book. My review is below.

Raelia by Lynette Noni

Book 2 in the Medoran Chronicles.

“Life is full of Crossroads, Alex. Full of Choices.”

Returning for a second year at Akarnae Academy with her gifted friends, Alexandra Jennings steps back through a doorway into Medora, the fantasy world that is full of impossibilities.

Despite the magical wonder of Medora, Alex’s life remains threatened by Aven Dalmarta, the banished prince from the Lost City of Meya who is out for her blood.

To protect the Medorans from Aven’s quest to reclaim his birthright, Alex and her friends seek out the Meyarin city and what remains of it’s ancient race.

Not sure who –or perhaps what- she is anymore, all Alex knows is that if she fails to keep Aven from reaching Meya, the lived of countless Medorans will be in danger. Can she protect them, or will all be lost?



First and Foremost, I want to say. Oh my God! Lynette you big meaner! I sincerely hope someone has grounded you and taken away your Disney movies for a weekend.

I just can’t…There are no words right now for what the ending of Raelia did to me. I am without a doubt an emotional wreck right now, for a multitude of reasons. And I will list them without giving away too much for the people who haven’t read it. So I will talk in code. Good luck. ;p

  • Seriously, you did that? I just… it’s so sad. Can we say plot twist? I was expecting more airy interactions.
  • I’m pleading with you, that three bright lights can turn on four. Enough said, I’m still mad. But it will make for an excellent book three. Well done.
  • As per above…I was so right about one of my OTP’s, but I protest their treatment. But as with point two, it helps make for an excellent plot for book three.
  • Page 342 busted my theory about one character being another in disguise. While I’m not completely unconvinced that they aren’t connected somehow. Which I will freely admit is probably me looking too far into it, but the mind works in mysterious ways.
  • And I’m still disappointed that the article I read about The Medoran Chronicles becoming a movie was just a dream and not actually real. Although because of this, we will let you watch Disney movies during your grounding, cos that one’s not your fault.


Right, now that that’s out of the way.

Raelia is the second book in The Medoran Chronicles (You can read my review for Akarnae HERE). Written by Lynette Noni, an Australian author and published by Pantera Press, it’s not hard to see what all the hype is about.

I loved the first one book in the series, my daughter loved it. My husband who is a political thriller/crime and dragon and knight fantasy reader is even considering reading it. I mentioned I was going to get him a new book and he told me to wait he wants to read Akarnae first. I’ve also loaned it to a friend for her 12 year old son, who still hasn’t had the chance to read it, because his Mum got too it first and is enjoying it.

Now for Raelia, I loved it. And I would say possibly more than the first. It was sarcastic, witty, funny, charming and I found myself smiling and laughing more than I usually do.

This last week has found me getting more annoyed than normal with life because all I wanted to do was read and find out what happens next, but something always came up. I was so annoyed I didn’t have the time to read, so much in fact that I considered cancelling a first aid course to read it.

In order to finally finish it, after a batch of family related events. I told my kids I had to work and locked myself in my bedroom with a coffee and went for it. FYI it worked, they let me ‘work’ in peace! If it wasn’t for a busy week, I would have read it in less than a day. So, when Draekora is released I’m booking in a reading day.

Which on that note…I want to keep reading *hint, hint* Please someone, tell me I don’t have to wait a whole year to find out what’s going on?
Let’s start with the cover. It was beautiful and bright and just as captivating at the first one. And like the artwork for Akarnae, I could just look at it for hours. It is one that I would use happily for those decorative books. Problem is I’d have to buy a new lot for that, as my original copies will become well loved rather quickly.

My biggest complaint was that it was similar to the first cover and I may have glanced at it and put it back on the bookshelf thinking it was the Akarnae and panicked later because I lost my book. But that said I love the design concept of her, stepping through a doorway of sorts and into whichever world she is visiting in that story.

The plot of the book was fantastic, it had a couple of plot twists that have kept me guessing, ruined my theories and destroyed me. I needed to remind myself it’s just a book. And I was grateful for the headphones my kids were wearing when I may have yelled at it. Because there was two places especially  which got a “No! You’ve got to be kidding me!” followed by “You have some explaining to do!”

I didn’t get as confused with this one as I did the first, in some places, which was fabulous. I did however end up with a whole list of questions and an author that is forcing me to work on my patience. 😀 I have a feeling there will be a few major plot twists coming.

There didn’t seem as many subplots in this book as there was in the first. I’m not entirely sure if this was a good thing or bad thing. I feel a lot of this story was setting up for what is to come, which in itself is exciting. Not all the questions I had were answered, such as weapon availability. But it left it open and allowed for it to flow into the next book.

I feel that maybe her parent’s are a bit too relaxed about everything that’s happening. And the fact that they are more concerned about their work than their daughter bothered me a bit. But that could be the Mum in me. While I understand that she is almost an adult, in a boarding school, surrounded by protection, I’d personally be more panicked. But we don’t know their whole story, so there may be more going on than I’ve read. I did wonder at times when she was going to visit them.

I was a bit disappointed there wasn’t as much library interaction as last time, but given the circumstances I suppose her avoidance was necessary.

I am worried, and speaking from experience with my own writing, that Lynette may run out of witty remarks and banter and need to recycle some. But that said so far she has done amazingly well. So I wouldn’t be surprised if my worries are for nothing.

I am still loving Jordan and Bear. I can’t fault them, or their behaviour. Same with D.C. Their response is such a normal teen/social reaction. Go with the flow, stand by your friends and sense of mateship. Even in their darkest moments, they are true to form and react as you would expect. In each and every circumstance.

You could also see a growth within the characters from the first book, which was fantastic. I hate seeing characters that go through various events and circumstances and it has no effect on them.

The introduction and involvement of more characters was great.

I enjoyed the interactions with Skyla. It made for an amusing group activity, the potential for her skills and humour from her reactions was huge. And that’s all I’ll say.

I am deeply intrigued by Kaiden. Almost to the point, I’m thinking a novella back story would be pretty nuts. But I have a feeling the mystery and questions around him will be answered in the up coming books.

Reading the book, you would not believe how excited I was to see the word ‘Mum’. I know it may not mean a lot to some, but to see Aussie spelling in a novel is just pretty amazing. I also know it’s random, but hey it’s the simple things, right?

So there is so much more I want to add, but I don’t like doing spoilers. You really do need to read this one. And the first. As with the first, I feel that it will suit most people regardless of their genre preference. Mine is crime/mystery/religious fiction (Kathy Reichs, Dan Brown, Kathleen McGowan) and I loved this. And I said with my last review, I struggled to read Harry Potter, I just couldn’t get into it. But I loved this. I also know of a couple of Harry Potter fans who adore these books as well. I give it 4 and ¾ quills.

I will also add, I am a huge Viral’s series fan (written by Kathy and Brendan Reichs) and I enjoyed Raelia more than I enjoyed the last novella, Spike, that was released earlier this year. I even found it harder to put down than The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare (especially the last three books in that series).

Raelia is available in bookstores, although I don’t think it’s available in all of them. But be sure to ask your local bookshop if they can order it in. If not it can be purchased through Pantera’s website HERE and through multiple e-book formats such as iBook store, Amazon, Kobo and Google (according to Pantera’s website.)

If you want to read more about Lynette Noni, her profile is available HERE and she is also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This review is my own thoughts; I am by no means endorsed nor was I requested to write it up. Synopsis credit to Pantera Press. I got both of these from the book.



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