Bec is an aspiring young adult author, living in country South Australia. With a focus on scifi novels that are enjoyed by readers from the age of 10 and up, and both genders. They tend to include the good ol’ Aussie humour, a bit of action, a side of love and the odd drop bear.

She started writing her first novel, Battle for Terra, in April 2015, by the end of 2015 she had completed 5 novels and hundreds of fan fiction stories. Her word count for the month of November, for the NaNoWrMo was over 136,000.

Aside from writing out the story lines that keep her awake at night as her imaginary friends tell her what’s going to happen next, Bec also writes and runs a fan fiction blog on Tumblr, 5 Minute Fan Fiction, predominantly a Supernatural fan fiction blog, you will also find a bit of Avengers in there too.

With four kids, aged 4 – 12, who all have a love of reading and her oldest who has developed a passion for writing. Her husband and kids are her chief editors, readers, inspiration and critics.

Bec hopes to develop a site that helps young writers develop their writing skills. She by no means claims to be an expert but has found that not everything is as clear as she would like it to be. The purpose of this blog is for her to share her journey and help those looking to start out.


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