Battle for Terra

Battle for Terra, is the first book written by Bec and is a four part series. Book one is currently in the process of being submitted to publishers in hope that one day you will find it in your local bookstore.

Will Kensi of Atlantica, the Universe’s Chosen One, be able to succeed in what her Ancestors created her for, by saving her people from destruction? Or will the Mala Men wipe out all life in the Universe?

After 10 years of fighting to save her people and those on neighbouring planets, 25 year old, Kensi is sent to Terra. Her orders, to warn Atlantis of the impending war and save them at all costs.

Things take a drastic turn when she finds that on Terra, Atlantis is no more than a myth and she has no way home. With the Mala Men launching an attack on the, self proclaimed, planet Earth. Kensi has no choice but to fight alongside them if she has any hope of finding the outpost.


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