Binary is the latest story written by Bec, and is currently going through it’s first major edit and reading.

Struck by lighting and orphaned all on the same night. Addison Carter, didn’t think life could get any worse… Until her technology company that can’t be hacked is breached and people start showing up dead. Can she find out who’s behind it before it’s too late?

Raised in a life of silver platter privilege Adelaide’s golden girl, 21 year old, Addison Carter longs for a down to earth life style. Tired of being forgotten, and her parent’s never having time for her Addison books in a weekend holiday at Port Hughes, South Australia.

Tragedy strikes when Addison is struck by lightning and her parent’s are killed in an accident as they race to be with her at the hospital.

Life for Addison couldn’t get any worse, until she finds out she has inherited her parent’s technology company, Audris Industries. A once highly successful electronic development company, that is now on the brink of collapsing. Computer and technology illiterate, Addison must try to save a company she knows nothing about.

With the company in danger of collapsing, Audris being breached, people showing up dead and Addison being followed and attacked, things only look to be getting worse.

Her dilemma’s continue when Addison realises that she has gained a rather unique side effect from her lightning strike. Can her newly discovered gift help her before it’s too late?

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