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You can also find me writing over on Tumblr, under the blog 5 Minute Fan Fiction. I write when I can, it used to be a story a day, but life attacked me (as it does) so it is a little less. But I am hoping to get back into the swing of it.

My fan fictions are based on Supernatural, there’s the odd Avengers one, maybe  The Walking Dead, possibly some Teen Wolf, and a little of Fast and Furious as well. So feel free to come over and check it all out and read my work.

I love feedback, so feel free to let me know what you think. Below is a copy of my masterlist, basically a collection of all my fanfics.

LAST UPDATED: 12th July 2018.

I do take requests for my fanfics, ie send in a storyline you want to see. Requests are currently OPEN

Please note: My fan fictions are reader inserts. Please use the following key to help place yourself in the story.
Y/N = Your Name
Y/F/N= Your First Name
Y/L/N= Your Last Name
Y/C/H= Your Colour Hair

Master List Link

Are You Sure? (Sam x Reader)

Paybacks a B*tch (Dean and Reader friendship) (Sam and Reader friendship)

What Hormones? (Dean x Reader)

Meet My Goddaughter (Sam x Reader)

Really Cas, I’m Fine (Castiel x Claire Novak) Overprotective Cas and Pregnant Claire

Poor Sammy (Sam x Reader)

It’s in His Kiss (Dean x Reader)

You Make Me So Hot (Dean x Reader)

What He Didn’t Know (Dean x Reader)

Things I Didn’t Say (Dean x Reader)

Goodbye Shyness (Sam, Dean, Reader Friendship)

Womanhood (Dean x Reader)

PMS (Sam x Reader)

Hidden Truths (Sam x Reader)

Lil Sis (Brothers x Lil Winchester)

Anything for Love (Dean x Reader)

Truth or Dare  (Dean x Reader)

Magic in Music (Sam x Reader)

Love You Out Loud (Dean x Reader)

Just Breathe (Lil Winchester Series)

Rescue Me (Sam x Reader)

Mama Bear (Brothers x Reader Friendship)

Another Day (Dean x Reader) Anxiety

Mr Tall and Handsome (Sam x Reader)

Mr Tall and Handsome (Part Two) (Sam x Reader)

Mr Tall and Handsome (Part Three) (Sam x Reader)

Bad Girl Gone Good (Sam x Reader)

Bad Girl Gone Good (Part Two) (Sam x Reader)

Through Good Times and Bad

All About Soul (Dean x Reader)

Friends with the Devil (Crowley x Reader)

Turn the page (Sam x Dean x Reader friendship)

Roadhouse Blues (Dean x Reader)

I Believe in Miracles (Dean x Reader)

Secrets (Winchester x Reader friendship)

Finally Found (Dean x Reader)

Hand Me Down (Dean x Reader)

Light Surrounding You (Dean x Reader)

Puppy Love (Dean x Reader)

I Wanna Know… (Dean x Reader)

Tonight Looks Good On You (Dean x Reader)

Lips of an Angel (Dean x Reader) (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

Voice of an Angel (Dean x Reader)

Devil in the Drink (Crowley x Reader)

Sugar (Sam x Reader) (Part One) (Part Two)

What in the Actual Hell (Dean x Reader) (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven)

Club Bunker (Dean x Reader)

Anything I Can Do (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)

Hush Hush (Dean x Reader)

Maybe Someday But Not Tonight (Dean x Reader) Hush Hush Part Two

Writer’s Request (Jared, Jensen and Misha x reader friendship)

And Everything In Between… (Sam x Reader)

Rumours (Dean x Reader)

Cat and Mouse (Dean x Reader)

Forever There (Dean x Reader)

Regret (Dean x Reader)

Study Buddy (Sam x Reader)

Playboy and Chanel (Dean x Reader)

That Goes Both Ways (Dean x Reader)

Dance (Dean x Reader)

Too Little, Too Late (Dean x Reader)

Silence (Sam x Reader)

Shock (Dean x Reader)

Shock Part 2 (Dean x Reader)

Dark (Dean x Reader)

My Mistake (Dean x Reader)

Goodbye (Part One)   (Part Two) (Dean x Reader)

Rare Find (Part One)  (Part Two) (Dean x Reader)

Whiskey Girl (Dean x Reader)

A Way With Words (Dean x Reader)

Grief (Winchesters x Lil Sister)

Fix On You (Sam x Reader)

Thaw (Dean x Reader)

Pain (Dean x Reader)

Healing (Dean x Reader)

Power of Love (Dean x Reader)

Careful What You Wish For (Dean x Reader)

War Against Ourselves (Sam x Reader)

Even After the Sun Dies (Dean x Reader) Choose Your Own Ending

In the Wind (Sam x Reader)

Everyone Has Their Limits (Dean x Reader)

Model Behaviour (Dean x Reader)

Model Emotions (Dean x Reader) Model Behaviour Part Two

Guardian Angel (Cas x Reader)

Wildest Dreams (Dean x Reader)

Style (Wildest Dreams Part Two) Dean x Reader

Two Weeks (Dean x Reader)

In the Hands of Evil (Dean x Reader)

Not on my Watch  (Lil Sister x Boys)

I Got You (Dean x Reader)

I Still Got You (Dean x Reader)

9 Months (Dean x Reader)

The Tale of Two Brothers (Dean x reader plus Sam x Reader) Choose Your Own Ending.

Fix This (Dean x Reader)

Cries for You (Dean x Reader)

Photograph (Dean x Reader)

My Little Girl (Sam x Reader)

A Place for Everything (Dean x Reader Friendship)

So Much Better (Dean x Reader)

Lullaby (Dean x Reader)

Family Doesn’t End With Blood (TFW x Reader)

Date with a Demon (Winchester x LilSis!Winchester) (Cas x Reader friendship)

Demons (Sam x Reader)

All or Nothing (Dean x Reader)

Gadreel’s Heaven (Gadreel x Reader)

The Past Can Hurt (Dean x Reader)

Thanks for the Memories (Dean x Reader)

Thanks for the Memories (Part Two) (Dean x Reader)

Home (Dean x Reader)

Happy Birthday, Sweet (Winchesters x Reader friendship)

Home For Christmas (Dean x Reader)

Safe (Dean x Reader)

Perfectly Imperfect (Dean x Reader)

Deepest Desire (Dean x Reader)

Only In My Dreams (Dean x Reader)

Bye, Bobby (Dean x Reader)

Sweet Dreams (Dean x Reader)

Happy Birthday (Dean x Reader)

Forever the Gentleman (Dean x Reader)

Confidence (Dean x Reader)

Try Anything Once (Jo Harvelle x Reader)

Baby, It’s You (Dean x Reader)

Harder Than He’d Like (Dean x Reader)

What You Deserve (Sam x Reader)

What You Deserve (Dean x Reader)

Something’s You Don’t See (Dean x Reader)

Anxious (Winchesters x Reader Friendship)

Into the Light (Dean x Reader)

Growing Up Too Soon (Lil Sister x Winchester)

Never Gonna Be The Same Again (Dean x Reader)

His (Dean x Reader)

A Long Road (Dean x Reader)

Oh No, She Ain’t (Dean x Reader)

Knocking on Heaven’s Door (Dean x Reader)

Fear (Dean x Reader)

Birthday Prayers (Castiel x Reader)

What She Didn’t Hear (Dean x Reader)

No Strings, Just Friends (Dean x Reader)

Trials (Sam x Reader)

Baby (Dean x Reader)

Next Go Round (Dean x Reader)

Sweet Like Pie (Dean x Reader)

Girl, You’re Amazing (Dean x Reader)

Flashlight (Dean x Reader)

Someone That You’re With (Dean x Reader)

Date from Hell (Dean x Reader)

Labour Pain (Dean x Reader x TWF)

Mark of Cain (Dean x Reader) Choose Your Own Ending

Chasing Cars (Dean x Reader)

Relax, You’ve Got This (Dean x Reader) Finals Week!

Bad Things (Dean x Reader)

Light Behind the Onyx (Demon!Dean/TheMark/Dean x Reader)

Light Behind the Onyx (Part Two) (Demon!Dean/TheMark/Dean x Reader)

Brown Eyed Girl (Dean x Reader)

Fight for Me (Dean x Reader)

Time (Dean x Reader)

In Sickness and in Health (Dean x Reader)

One Night (Dean x Reader)

I Hate How Much I Love You (Sam x Reader)

You Still Sleep with a Teddy Bear (Dean x Reader)

The Hunter and the Geek (Dean x Reader)

In My Arms (Dean x Reader)

Saving Grace (Dean x Reader) Daddy!Dean AU

When The Past Returns (Dean x Reader)

When The Past Returns –  Part Two (Dean x Reader)

Sands of Time (Dean x Reader)

The Morning After  (Dean x Reader)

In My Darkest Hour (Dean x Reader)

One in Four (Dean x Reader)

Supertuned (Dean x Reader x Dom Toretto) Supernatural meets Fast and Furious

Supertuned 2 (Dean x Reader x Dom Toretto) Supernatural meets Fast and Furious (Choose your own ending)

Another Matter (Dean x Reader)

Return to Hell (Winchester x Reader)

Better Late Than Never (Dean x Reader)

RIP Smiley (Dean x Reader)

Wish I Was Somebody (Dean x Reader)

Dream A Little Dream (Dean x Reader)

You Are What You Eat (Dean x Reader)

Say Something (Dean x Reader)

Holding on to Heaven (Dean x Reader)

All I Want for Christmas (Dean x Reader)

You Belong With Me (Dean x Reader)

Promises  (Dean x Reader)

Breaking Promises or Breaking Hearts – Promises part two (Dean x Reader)

Damn Witches (Dean x Reader)

Count on Me (Dean x Reader)

F*ck Cancer (Dean x Reader)

Reader Title Challenge

And Everything in Between

My Past is Darker Than His

What’s So Great About Him?

Behind Her Hazel Eyes

The Sheriff and the Doctor (Dean x Reader) (Guest spots Cas, Charlie, Sam, Gabriel Gadreeel, Benny, John, Bobby)

(Part One)

(Part Two)

(Part Three)

(Part Four)

(Part Five)

A Love She Never Knew (Part One)  (Part Two)   (Part Three)   (Part Four)   (Part Five)   (Part Six)

The Girl He Never Knew – Mean!Dean Version (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three)

Dear Diary:   Entry 1: Feb 9th and 10th

It’s not a Thong (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
Vegas, Baby (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)
It’s all in the Text (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
The Thrill of the Chase (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)
Confusion in the Evidence (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
Just to Get High (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)
Innocence (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
Special Ingredient (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
Damn Horror Movies (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)
And Then There Was… (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
The Aftermath (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
Too Little, Too Late? (Part One) (Part Two)
Shut Up and Drive! (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)
Lies and Something Stupid (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three)
Find and Seek (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)
Ding, Dong the B*tch is Dead, Right? (Part One) (Part Two)
Birth Announcement
It’s Confusing Being Home (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five)
(Part Six) (Epilogue)

                                                  SAM MINI SERIES
Knight in Shining Armour (Part One) (Part Two)  (Part Three)
Hustle with the Best (Part One) (Part Two)
Room Mates? (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)
With A Little Help (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three)  (Part Four)  (Part Five)
Don’t Say It (Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three)

                                                         The Protection
(Part One)  (Part Two)  (Part Three)  (Part Four)  (Part Five)  (Part Six)  (Part Seven)  (Part Eight)  (Part Nine)  (Part 10)  (Part 11)  (Part 12)  (Part 13)   (Part 14)  (Part 15)   (Part 16) (Epilogue)

High School Sweethearts

High School Sweethearts (teen!Dean x Reader)
The Reunion (Part Two of High School Sweethearts) (Dean x Reader)
High School Sweethearts (Part Three) (Dean x Reader)
High School Sweethearts (Part Four)
High School Sweethearts (Part Five)
High school sweethearts: The Finale (Part Six)
High School Sweethearts: A New Beginning (Part One)
High School Sweethearts: A New Beginning (Part Two)
High School Sweethearts: A New Beginning (Part Three)
High School Sweethearts: A New Beginning (Part Four)
High School Sweethearts: A New Beginning (Part Five)

Spying for Zacariah
Spying for Zacariah (Dean x Reader) Imagine that started it all

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten


Light through the Dark (Captain America x reader)

Element (Avengers x Reader)

The Walking Dead

For Her, Anything (Daryl x Reader)

Poison (Daryl x Reader)

Familia (Daryl x Reader)




Fancy Dress (Dean x Reader)

Hidden Nutrition (Dean x Reader)

Trying To Escape Jurassic Park With The Winchesters

As He Did It Again (Dean x Reader) (Part one)

He Did It Again (Dean x Reader) (Part Two)

Now He’s Done It, You Have To Tell Dad (Dean x Reader) (Part Three)

Spying for Zacariah (Dean x Reader)

Reunion (Dean x Reader)

A Lady

King of Valentine’s (Crowley x Reader)

Being Dean’s Valentine (Dean x Reader)

Valentine’s with Sammy (Sam x Reader)

Wax On, Wax Off (Winchester’s x Reader)

Eating a Meal with Dean (Dean x Reader)

Kissing One and Not the Other (Winchesters x Reader)

Bet? What Bet? (Dean x Reader)

Resolutions (Dean x Reader)

This time, it’s Personal (Dean x Reader)

Australia Day (Sam x Dean X Reader Friendship)

Supertuned (Dean x Reader x Dom Toretto) Supernatural meets Fast and Furious

Supertuned 2 (Dean x Reader x Dom Toretto) Supernatural meets Fast and Furious

I’ve Been Re-hymenated (Dean x Reader)


Meet and Greet (Avengers x Reader)

First Date (Steve x Reader)

The Walking Dead

Teen Wolf

Waking Up Next To Derek (Derek x Reader)

Being The One That Rescues Derek (Derek x Reader)

Declaration (Derek x Reader)

Fast Fics – based on images


Seeing Double (Dean x Reader x Dean)

Painted Whore (Dean x Reader)

When I Needed You Most (Dean x Reader)

Daddy’s Little Girl (John x Daughter!Reader)

No Such Thing As Apple Pie (Dean x Daughter x mentions Y/N)

Datable (Dean x Reader friendship)


Meet my Brother (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Back from the Dead (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Enjoy My Lovelies,



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